About Our Jewellery

Kundan jewellery form which incorporate the 'open' cutting of uncut precious stones into 23 carat gold settings in open lacy gold work. The hollows in which the stones are set are filled with gold of pure quality are exquisitely crafted by Jaipur jewellers into a range of old style necklace, rings and earrings.

Minakari or Enameling involves a laborious process wherein the piece is fixed on a stick of lacquer and delicate floral designs engraved on it. Engravings are made in the groves and the enamel colors filled in with the delicacy of a miniature painting. Part of the Mughal jewellery heritage the Kundan craft of Jaipur has uncut stones set in open lacy gold work.

In Jadau the techniques of both Kundan and Enameling are combined so that a piece of jewellery has equally beautiful surfaces: Kundan set in gems in front and exquisite enamel work on the reverse. 'Kundan' jadau and Minakari are part of great jewelry heritage of India.

Sourcing/ Manufacturing:
We have an in House Manufacturing base in Pink city, Jaipur, Rajasthan and we source heritage jewels from different Royal families based in Rajasthan. The production process used is the same as that for precious jewellery. Our team of Karigars (artisans) and designers dexterously create masterpieces which are then translated into jewellery using modern techniques, thus ensuring superlative quality combined with low cost. Every jewel here is a hand-crafted masterpiece. These kinds of works need to be passed down from one generation to another.

Steps involved in making the Masterpiece are:
Step 1 Design /> Step 2 –Ghat /> Step 3 - Meena kari /> Step 4 - Jadai /> Step 5 - Embellishment

We impose stringent quality control procedure in extensive and exhaustive quality checking is done at various stages of production and procurement from suppliers. Each piece is individually checked at the final stage before being packed. Our in depth knowledge of gemstones helps us in selecting high quality gemstones for our products.